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Location: Kennydale Library



Art Docent Program

The Art Docent Program is a wonderful opportunity to get involved with your child’s education and to participate at school.

The kids LOVE!! this program and look forward to seeing their Art Docent every month!

Experience is NOT required. 

What is an Art Docent?

As a volunteer through the PTA, the art docent devotes about 1 hour of time each month with their child’s class to:

  1. View an art print.
  2. Facilitate a discussion about the print.
  3. Follow up with an art project related to the print.

All the materials and curriculum are provided and an Art Docent training seminar is available for those who wish to learn more about being an art docent.

How do I become an Art Docent?

There will be plenty of opportunities to sign up for this program:

If you have been an art docent in the past and you are planning to participate this year, please let Beth Curry know as soon as possible and be sure to let your child’s teacher know.

How do I learn more?

All previous art docents, and those who are interested in finding out more about the program should attend the Art Docent Orientation Meeting. This meeting is important to attend to learn about the new art docent curriculum.