Staff Appreciation Week:  May 6-10

Theme: Best Staff in the World

Join the Kennydale PTA and celebrate the wonderful Teachers & Staff members at Kennydale Elementary. We are in need of donations for the fun activities and events planned for the week, Breakfast, Lunch, Happy Hour and more!
Activities planned for the week:
Monday - "Get Ready for Take-off" Breakfast
Tuesday - In-Flight Snacks 
Wednesday - Taste of Asia Lunch
Thursday - English High Tea
Friday - Happy Hour at the Kennydale Cantina
DONATIONS: Easily sign up for food donations:
FAVORITE THINGS: Spoil our teachers and staff members with kind words, treats and gifts.  We have compiled a list of their favorite things (see below)

Volunteers are also needed for the events - decorations, food prep, set-up and clean-up. Please email Tracy, if you can lend a hand! 

Student Spirit Week 
Monday 5/6
“Send” a postcard to your teacher/staff member and tell them why they are so awesome

Tuesday 5/7
Spoil your teacher/staff member with their favorite treat or snack

Wednesday 5/8

Wear your teacher’s favorite color or Kennydale swag

Thursday 5/9
Bring your teacher/staff member a classroom supply

Friday 5/10
Deliver a special gift to your teacher/staff member
  • Kindergarten

    • Olivia Rossenbach
      Favorite drink Caffeine Free iced-tea or Cool Freeze Gatorade
      Favorite candy Twix, Hershey’s Cookies and Cream candy bar, Sour Patch Kids, Redvines, Dove chocolate, Lifesaver Gummies
      Favorite snack Kettle corn, Veggie Straws, Hot Cheetos
      Favorite store Amazon, Target
      Favorite flower Daisies or Peonies
      Favorite color Yellow
      Any allergies No, but I am being very cautious with caffeine.
      Classroom supply wish list Playdoh, Dot Painters, Kindergarten Friendly Board Games
    • Becky Haver

      Favorite Drink: Tea--Iced or hot (unsweetened)
      Favorite Candy: Dark chocolate
      Favorite Snack: Nuts
      Favorite Store: Lakeshore Learning or Barnes & Noble
      Favorite Flower: Tulips
      Favorite Color: Purple!
      Favorite Hobby, Sport, Teams: Cooking, Hiking. Reading, Travel
      Any Allergies: None
      Classroom Supply Wish List: 8 1/2" x 11" card stock in pastel colors/white; ink pads, cute/seasonal stickers

    • Mrs. Pino (Para Educator for Mrs. Haver)
      Favorite drink—Tea
      Favorite candy—Anything chocolate
      Favorite snack—Chocolate covered potato chips
      Favorite store—Uwajimaya
      Favorite flower—Marigolds
      Favorite color—Silver
      Any allergies—None

    • Mrs. Mitchell
      Favorite Drink:  Diet Coke
      Favorite Candy:  Jelly Belly jellybeans
      Favorite Snack: chips & queso
      Favorite Store:  Amazon, Target
      Favorite Flower:  Lilac
      Favorite Color:  Lt. blue
      Favorite Hobby, Sport, Teams: Seahawks, Sounders
      Any Allergies: no
      Classroom Supply Wish List:  bubbles, clothespins, Mr. Sketch markers

    • Winnie Chin
      Favorite drink: iced lattes
      Favorite Drink: lattes/coffee
      Favorite Candy: dark chocolate
      Favorite Snack: chips
      Favorite Store: target/amazon
      Favorite Flower: peony
      Favorite Color: blue
      Favorite Hobby, Sport, Teams: Lakers, Seahawks, UW Huskies
      Any Allergies: none
      Classroom Supply Wish List: watercolor pencils/crayons for students

    • Grace Zubia
      Favorite Drink: Regular  Coffee frapp. with whipped , Perrier water
      Favorite Candy: Sneakers candy bar, Ghirardelli caramel chocolates
      Favorite Snack: hot/spicy peanuts
      Favorite Store: Nordstrom. Target
      Favorite Flower: Red roses
      Favorite Color: red
      Favorite Hobby, Sport, Teams: Seahawks, USC college football "Trojans,"  Dodgers.   Reading, and Traveling, and reading!
      Any Allergies: Fish
      Classroom Supply Wish List: Legos, children's board games, play-dough 
  • 1st Grade

    • Melissa Adkins
      Favorite Drink: Mexican CocaCola
      Favorite Candy: candy orange or fruit slices
      Favorite Snack: cheese
      Favorite Store: Think Geek
      Favorite Flower: Dahlias
      Favorite Color: purple
      Favorite Hobby, Sport, Teams: acting, singing, computer programming
      Any Allergies: none
      Classroom Supply Wish List: The latest edition of the UNIT intelligence test
    •  Vivek Srivastava
      Favorite Drink: Tea
      Favorite Candy: Peanut M&Ms
      Favorite Snack: Pretzels
      Favorite Store: Target
      Favorite Flower: Tulip
      Favorite Color: Blue
      Favorite Hobby, Sport, Teams: Playing Soccer, Sounders
      Any Allergies: No
      Classroom Supply Wish List: Whiteboard markers

    • Donna Salomon
      Favorite Drink - Diet Coke
      Favorite Candy - Butterfinger, Rolos, Milkduds
      Favorite Snack - Cookies ( Iced Oatmeal or soft sugar cookie w/thick pink or white frosting
      Favorite Store - Macys
      Favorite Flower - Roses
      Favorite Color - Yellow and Fuchsia
      Favorite Hobby - Painting ceramics
      Favorite Team - Seahawks
      No Allergies
      Classroom Supply Wish List - Good quality packing Tape, Small Black Dry Erase Expo Markers
    • Kristen Hesselgesser
      Favorite Drink:  Iced, grande americano with little cream.  ICE drinks (tangerine, pink grapefruit)
      Favorite Candy:  No thanks! Well…maybe dark chocolate ??
      Favorite Snack: SkinnyPop popcorn, nuts, veggies and hummus
      Favorite Store: Starbucks, Target
      Favorite Flower: tulips
      Favorite Color: purple, yellow
      Favorite Hobby, Sport, Teams: hiking, biking, swimming
      Any Allergies: none
      Classroom Supply Wish List: books, black dry erase markers, art supplies
    • Emily Wong

      Favorite Drink: Darigold chocolate milk, flavored sparkling water, alo
      Favorite Candy: Chocolate, or anything not Swedish fish, grape, or black licorice
      Favorite Snack: Chips
      Favorite Store: Target, Costco, Amazon
      Favorite Flower: Plumeria, Gerbera Daisy, Tulips, Carnations
      Favorite Color: Turquoise, but I like all “happy” bright colors
      Favorite Hobby, Sport, Teams: Hiking, watching movies, soccer, Sounders, Chelsea FC, basketball, Warriors, Mavs
      Any Allergies: Nope!
      Classroom Supply Wish List: Individual Scotch Tape dispensers, Black sharpies, dry erase markers, Disinfectant wipes (Clorox/Lysol type), small purple glue sticks that dry clear

    • 2nd Grade

    • Haley Bergman
    • Favorite Drink: Crystal Ice drinks, sugar-free caramel latte with almond milk
      Favorite Candy: Mints
      Favorite Snack: White cheddar popcorn, almonds
      Favorite Store: Target, Hobby Lobby
      Favorite Flower: Daisy
      Favorite Color: Purple
      Favorite Hobby, Sport, Teams: Hiking, Seahawks, WSU Cougars
      Any Allergies: None
      Classroom Supply Wish List: Purple pens, sharpies
    • Gretchen Greutman
      Favorite Drink: Black raspberry ICE drink, Starbucks!
      Favorite Candy: Ice breaker mints (my favorite flavors are cinnamon and wintergreen)
      Favorite Snack: none
      Favorite Store: Amazon, Trader Joes, Target, Fred Meyer
      Favorite Flower: gerbera daisies, tulips, lilacs
      Favorite Color: yellow and other bright cheerful colors
      Favorite Hobby, Sport, Teams: Seahawks, my hobby right now is watching my kiddos play their sports!
      Any Allergies: onions and I stay away from caffeine
      Classroom Supply Wish List: Heavy Duty Scotch mailing tape (like the rolls at Costco), Flair pens, Sharpie pens
    • Kaitlyn Ginther-Hutt
      Favorite Drink: La Croix and herbal teas
      Favorite Candy: Chocolate covered pretzels, mints, and gum
      Favorite Snack: Popcorn
      Favorite Store: Target, Nordstrom, Amazon, Starbucks
      Favorite Flower: Gerber Daisies
      Favorite Color: Purple
      Favorite Hobby, Sport, Teams: SEAHAWKS! And Washington Huskies.
      Any Allergies: Perfumes and scented lotions
      Classroom Supply Wish List:, Clorox wipes, Kleenex, picture and books for our classroom library

    • Johanna Chapin
    • Favorite Drink: water, Starbucks coffee

       Favorite Candy: mints, chocolate with peanut butter or caramel

      Favorite Snack: cheese and crackers

      Favorite Store: Costco, Nordstrom and Amazon

      Favorite Flower: Peony

      Favorite Color: Purple

      Favorite Hobby, Sport, Teams: Seahawks, Mariners, WSU Cougars, and Packers

      Any Allergies: no

    • Classroom Supply Wish List: Stickers, Kleenex and 8 1/2" x 11" card stock (white)

  • 3rd Grade

    • Michelle Luders
      Favorite Drink: Water, Mango Sparkling Ice, Red Wine
      Favorite Candy:   N/A
      Favorite Snack:  Lightly salted cashews and almonds
      Favorite Store:  Amazon and Target
      Favorite Flower:  Gerber Daisy
      Favorite Color: Pink
      Favorite Hobby, Sport, Teams:  Hiking, Seahawks
      Any Allergies:  No
      Classroom Supply Wish List: Thank you cards, Purple pens, colorful flair pens
    • Margaret Dugan
      Favorite Drink: Diet Coke or White chocolate Americano w splash of cream
      Favorite Candy: caramels, gummy bears
      Favorite Snack: hot and spicy anything
      Favorite Store: Amazon lol
      Favorite Flower: orchids, Irish shamrocks
      Favorite Color: Black or Green
      Favorite Hobby, Sport, Teams: Warriors, Seahawks ,Mariners , collect turtles knickknacks
      Any Allergies: none
      Classroom Supply Wish List: Expo Dry Eras Multicolor 
    • Shelly Graham
      Favorite Drink: Sparkling flavored water
      Favorite Candy: Anything chocolate
      Favorite Snack: Popcorn, low salt nuts
      Favorite Store: Amazon, Target
      Favorite Flower: anything purple
      Favorite Color: Purple
      Favorite Hobby, Sport, Teams: Seahawks
      Any Allergies: None
      Classroom Supply Wish List: gel pens for publishing

      Jennifer Keil
      Favorite Drink: water, peach tranquility hot tea, skinny vanilla latte
      Favorite Candy:  sugar free gum
      Favorite Snack:  popcorn, plain cashews and almonds
      Favorite Store: Target, Nordstrom, Starbucks ??
      Favorite Flower:  Hydrangea, Gerber Daisy
      Favorite Color:  Blues, greens, and purples
      Favorite Hobby, Sport, Teams:  reading, golf, Seahawks
      Any Allergies: none
      Classroom Supply Wish List: nut-free classroom snacks, plastic sleeve protectors, skinny crayola markers, thin tip sharpies, white or silver gel pens, Papermate Flair tip markers, tape dispenser, adult sized scissors, fingertip flashlights,
  • 4th Grade

    • Anna Thordarson
      Favorite Drink: Coffee or sparkling water
      Favorite Candy: Chocolate with nuts
      Favorite Snack: Popcorn
      Favorite Store: Target
      Favorite Flower: Tulips
      Favorite Color: Green
      Favorite Hobby, Sport, Teams: Music, Mariners
      Any Allergies: None
      Classroom Supply Wish List: Ultra fine tip white board markers, fine tip sharpies, pencils
    • Andrea Johnson
      Favorite Drink: English Breakfast Tea, Rooibos Tea
      Favorite Candy: Milk Chocolate Hershey's Kisses, Jolly Ranchers
      Favorite Snack:  Ritz crackers, Wheat thins, Plain Almonds, Sesame Almonds (Trader Joes)
      Favorite Store: REI, Fred Meyer, Amazon
      Favorite Flower: Daisy ??
      Favorite Color: Raspberry, Blue, Green, Yellow
      Favorite Hobby, Sport, Teams: Green Bay Packers!!!! Love Mountain Biking, Skiing, Riding my bike
      Any Allergies: Mold, dust and tree pollen
      Classroom Supply Wish List: Black Sharpie, Black Papermate Flair pens, Masking Tape, small scissors (so many broke this year ?? any classroom books about history, historical fiction picture books or favorite picture books
    • Elizabeth Ridge
      Favorite Drink: fruit teas and ice teas, diet pepsi, vanilla lattes
      Favorite Candy: chocolate with something (caramel, nuts, peanut butter, etc.); gummy bears;
      Favorite Snack: chips and dip/salsa; almonds; veggies and ranch; hummus or spinach/artichoke dip and crackers
      Favorite Store: target, amazon, starbucks,
      Favorite Flower: daisies
      Favorite Color: green, purple
      Favorite Hobby, Sport, Teams: roller skating, roller derby, UW,
      Any Allergies: none
      Classroom Supply Wish List: flair pens; ultra-fine tip sharpies; Ziploc bags (quart and gallon)
    • Cassandra Hahn
      Favorite Drink: Diet Coke, Mocha Frappuccino, La Croix (any flavor)
      Candy: Twix, black licorice, sour peach rings or gummy worms
      Snack: Cheetos, pistachios, roasted/salted almonds
      Store: Target, Safeway, Trader Joe’s
      Flower: Gerbera Daisies (cut flowers only, please. Do not bring me potted plants/flowers, I have a very black thumb and kill them within days…then I feel guilty and sad)
      Color: Orange and Turquoise
      Classroom Supplies: “soft” facial tissue (Kleenex); colorful Sharpies, Flair pens or Expo Dry Erase Markers
      No allergies, but I do not care for spicy flavors.
  • 5th Grade

  • Zach Bressan
    Favorite Drink: Pepsi
    Favorite Candy: Nerds
    Favorite Snack: Anything Salty
    Favorite Store: Dicks Sporting Goods
    Favorite Flower: Not really a flower person
    Favorite Color: Purple and Gold!  Go Dawgs!
    Favorite Hobby, Sport, Teams: Any Seattle sport, but mainly the Huskies!
    Any Allergies: Milk
    Classroom Supply Wish List: Mechanical Pencils
  • Jim Noddings
    Favorite Drink: Canada Dry Ginger Ale / Diet Coke / whole milk Latte
    Favorite Candy: Mambas
    Favorite Snack: sour cream and onion chips / any type of cheese
    Favorite Store: Home Depot / REI / Target
    Favorite Flower: Sunflowers (Look) / White Ginger (smell)
    Favorite Color: Emerald Green
    Favorite Hobby, Sport, Teams: Disc golf / hiking
    Any Allergies: none
    Classroom Supply Wish List: hot glue gun glue / (liquid) water colors
  • Marie Smith
    Favorite drink: La Croix, Diet Coke, soy vanilla lattes
    Favorite candy: Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, Peanut Butter M&Ms
    Favorite snack: popcorn, Chex Mix
    Favorite store: Target, Amazon
    Favorite flower: tulips
    Favorite color: purple
    Any allergies: N/A
    Classroom supply wish list: Fine and Ultra-Fine Sharpies, Clorox wipes, Expo markers, books for our library, class snacks
  • Mrs. Murphy
    Favorite Drink: Caramel macchiato
    Favorite Candy: Peanut butter M &Ms
    Favorite Snack: Pirates Booty or chips (anything cheese flavored and not spicy)
    Favorite Store: Target
    Favorite Flower -I kill all flowers, I have a black thumb!!!
    Favorite Color: Green/purple
    Allergies: No allergies
    Classroom supplies: Sharpies (black), washable markers, mechanical pencils (papermate clear point with .7 lead)

  • Staff

Mrs Haynes
Favorite drink:  Starbucks via coffee, San pellegrino cherry pomegranite, apple  bubbly, or canada dry ginger ale
Favorite snack:  dried Seaweed strips/nori, hummus and veggi, or chicken 'n a biskit
Favorite flower:  gardenia, daisy, lavender, poppy, rose
Favorite store: JW Pepper (music), costco, target, safeway, fred meyer
Favorite candy:  Haribo sweet and sour gummy twin Snakes
Favorite color:  the rainbow, or silver or gold
Favorite Hobby:  gardening, walking, exploring new parts of our area, (museums, neighborhoods, events, hiking)
Allergies: dairy (cheese, sour cream, milk, casein, caseinate)
Classroom supplies:  1 or 2 folding benches to place instruments on, More egg shakers, newer rhythm sticks, xylophones, boom whackers, our own set of black lights.  More stools so each child could sit on a 'chair'. 

    • Kathleen Davis
      Favorite Drink: Iced Tea
      Favorite Candy: chocolate
      Favorite Snack: Crackers
      Favorite Store:  Amazon
      Favorite Flower: tulips, lilacs, daisies
      Favorite Color: blue
      Favorite Hobby, Sport, Teams: Reading ??
      Any Allergies: shellfish
      Classroom Supply Wish List: bottled school glue
    • Nikki Skinner
      Favorite Drink: Starbucks Mocha Frappacino (cold)
      Favorite Candy: Reese’s peanut butter cups
      Favorite Snack: chocolate covered almonds
      Favorite Store: Amazon
      Favorite Flower: Lilacs, Roses and Gerber Daisies
      Favorite Color: Purple and Red
      Favorite Hobby, Sport, Teams:  anything music, Seahawks, Huskies, Nebraska football
      Any Allergies:
      Classroom Supply Wish List: bright sticky notes, fun instruments, thank you notes
    • Cori Hobart
      Favorite Drink: Iced or hot coffee (white mint mocha or raspberry mocha) or Frappucino/blended
      Favorite Candy: milk chocolate, green apple rings, red swedish fish
      Favorite Snack: maple donuts, choc. chip cookies (or Oatmeal Butterscotch!)
      Favorite Store:  Target
      Favorite Flower: Daisies
      Favorite Color: Turquoise, yellow
      Favorite Hobby, Sport, Teams: Photography, Seahawks
      Any Allergies: no nuts
      Classroom Supply Wish List: colored pens, colored dry erase markers
    • Mrs. Dingfield 
      Favorite Drink: Powerade ZERO, the sugar free kind
      Favorite Candy: Dove milk chocolate
      Favorite Snack: Flaming hot Cheetos with lime
      Favorite Store:, Target, Safeway
      Favorite Flower: Daisies
      Favorite Color: Purple
      Favorite Hobby, Sport, Teams: Girl Scouts, crocheting, spending time with my family
      Any Allergies: None
      Classroom Supply Wish List:  Big bottles of bubble solution for recess 
    • Mr. Tran
      Favorite Drink: Strawberry lemonade but anything different than water or carbonated water ??
      Favorite Candy: Reese’s Butter Cups or Baby Ruth
      Favorite Snack: Chips
      Favorite Store: Amazon or Target
      Favorite Flower: Gerber Daisies 
      Favorite Color: Blue
      Favorite Hobby, Sport, Teams: Mariners
      Any Allergies: none
      Classroom Supply Wish List: Uno Cards or Board Games  

    • Mr. Brotherton
      Favorite drink- Diet Pepsi
      Favorite candy- M&M’s
      Favorite snack-Chips
      Favorite store- Amazon
      Favorite flower- like them all
      Favorite color- Green
      Any allergies- No
    • Mrs. Laura
      Favorite Drink:  Hot – White Chocolate Mocha – Cold – Caramel Frappuccino
      Favorite Candy:  Anything milk chocolate and caramel
      Favorite Snack: Trail mix, fruit snacks
      Favorite Store: Target
      Favorite Flower: Carnations
      Favorite Color:  Blue
      Favorite Hobby, Sport, Teams: Cardmaking, Washington State University – Cougars, Seattle Seahawks
      Any Allergies:  No
      Classroom Supply Wish List:  Colored post-it notes
    • Mrs. Tandal
      Favorite Drink:  Hot chocolate or Cranberry juice
      Favorite Candy: Kit Kat
      Favorite Snack: Smartfood white cheddar popcorn
      Favorite Store: Target
      Favorite Flower: Plumeria
      Favorite Color: Brown
      Favorite Hobby, Sport, Teams: Singing & playing ukulele, Volleyball, Seahawks
      Any Allergies: None but sensitive to strong smells (lotions, perfumes, etc.)
      Classroom Supply Wish List: Multi colored flair pens
    • Mrs. Pilsner
      Favorite Drink: Lattes
      Favorite Candy: Chocolate, (e.g. M&M's, choc. bar, etc.)
      Favorite Snack: cheese-its
      Favorite Store: Marshall's
      Favorite Flower: Anything bright and colorful
      Favorite Color: Blue
      Favorite Hobby, Sport, Teams: OSU football, FC Cincinnati soccer
      Any Allergies: none
      Classroom Supply Wish List: , post-its, blue-ink pens (for IEP meetings)
    • Kanesha Williams
      Favorite Drink: Cherry Limeade Sparkling Ice
      Favorite Candy: Twix or Reese’s
      Favorite Snack: Fruit snacks
      Favorite Store: Goodwill, Value Village, Frenzi (Thrift stores!) or Target
      Favorite Flower: Peonies & carnations
      Favorite Color: Anything Bright/Neon! (Highlighter yellow, hot pink, Seahawks green, etc.)
      Favorite Hobby, Sport, Teams: Dancing, listening to music, Seahawks
      Any Allergies: Milk/Cheese; the only thing I eat with milk is pastries and chocolate ?? 
    • Kirk Haver
      Favorite Drink: Coffee
      Favorite Candy: Reese's
      Favorite Snack: Doritos
      Favorite Store: Target
      Favorite Flower: Sunflower
      Favorite Color: Blue
      Favorite Hobby, Sport, Teams: Gardening
      Any Allergies: None
      Classroom Supply Wish List: Behavior reward/incentives-toys/knickknacks (i.e. Dollar Store) 
    • Mrs. Hansen
      Favorite Drink: Coffee       
      Favorite Candy: Dark chocolate
      Favorite Snack: Puffs
      Favorite Store: Target
      Favorite Flower: Any!
      Favorite Color: Teal and gray
      Favorite Hobby, Sport, Teams: Hiking
      Any Allergies: Nope
      Classroom Supply Wish List: G-2 pens

    • Mrs. Mattison
      Favorite drink- unsweetened iced tea with lemon
      Favorite candy- anything chocolate
      Favorite snack- potato chips
      Favorite store-Kohls
      Favorite flower- daisy
      Favorite color- blue
      Any allergies- sulfa
      Classroom supply wish list-  playground balls
    • Amy Thibodeau
      Favorite Drink: Diet Dr. pepper 
      Favorite Candy: Reese’s peanut butter cups
      Favorite Snack:  Sourcream and onion chips
      Favorite Store: Staples 
      Favorite Flower: Daffodil
      Favorite Color: Blue
      Favorite Hobby, Sport, Teams: Gardening 
      Any Allergies: no
      Classroom Supply Wish List: Student headphones, clipboards

      Emily Waits
      Favorite Drink: tea
      Favorite Candy: 
      Favorite Snack: white cheddar popcorn
      Favorite Store: Target
      Favorite Flower: daisy
      Favorite Color: purple
      Favorite Hobby, Sport, Teams:
      Any Allergies: no
      Classroom Supply Wish List: post-its, fun pencils

    •  James Tyler Santi
      Favorite Drink:  Gatorade, Propel, or VitaminWater
      Favorite Candy: Chocolate and Caramel
      Favorite Snack:  Cheezits, Gold Fish, anything salty
      Favorite Store: Target
      Favorite Flower: Not a big flower person due to allergies
      Favorite Color:  Blue or Green
      Favorite Hobby, Sport, Teams:  Volleyball, Basketball, Seattle Mariners
      Any Allergies: Seasonal allergies, shellfish
      Classroom Supply Wish List:  Pens or post it notes

    •  Michelle Rauschenberg
      Favorite Drink: Diet Coke or Sparkle water
      Favorite Candy: Coconut anything
      Favorite Snack: Nuts
      Favorite Store: Body Shop
      Favorite Flower: White roses
      Favorite Color: Red
      Favorite Hobby, Sport, Teams: Arts and crafts, movies
      Any Allergies: No

    • Tessa Kaplan
      Favorite Drink: LaCroix (Lemon, Lime, Grapefruit) or Decaf Soy Latte
      Favorite Candy: Reeses Cups
      Favorite Snack: Barbecue Chips
      Favorite Store: Does Amazon count as a store? If not, Target.
      Favorite Flower: Orchids or Daisies
      Favorite Color: Red
      Favorite Hobby, Sport, Teams: Cooking, Running, Seahawks and Sounders
      Any Allergies: N/A
      Classroom Supply Wish List: I don’t have a classroom, but am always looking for funds to buy more books for professional development purposes!

    • Alysa Hansen
      Favorite Drink: Coffee       
      Favorite Candy: Dark chocolate
      Favorite Snack: Puffs
      Favorite Store: Target
      Favorite Flower: Any!
      Favorite Color: Teal and gray
      Favorite Hobby, Sport, Teams: Hiking
      Any Allergies: Nope
      Classroom Supply Wish List: G-2 pens

    • Andre Stemm calderon
      Favorite Drink: Iced Coffee w/ cream, soda water, no sugar
      Favorite Candy: apple, any fruit
      Favorite Snack: seaweed chips, nuts (cashews, almonds) 
      Favorite Store: Guitar Center, REI
      Favorite Flower: Gardenia
      Favorite Color: Seahawk Green & Blue 
      Favorite Hobby, Sport, Teams: Baseball, Basketball, I play music 
      Any Allergies: not an allergy but I try to limit sugar intake 
      Classroom Supply Wish List: Books about team building, peace, positive values 

    • Debra Muratore
      Drink - water
      Candy - Dark chocolate w/Almonds
      Snack - Fresh Fruit
      Store - Target
      Flower - Freesia
      Color - Yellow
      Hobby - Jigsaw puzzle and Beachcombing
      Sport to watch/team:  Football - Seahawks and WSU Cougars
      Allergies - none
      Classroom supplies - all stocked up