Community Relations

Student Craft Bazaar - Calling all Kodiak Artists, Crafters, Chefs and Bakers! Get ready for our first ever Kodiak Student Craft Fair. Students will create handmade crafts, art pieces, baked goods etc. to sell at our winter fair (think jewelry, slime, bookmarks, art pieces, cookies, cupcakes & more). All profits go to the student seller!

Scholarships - Go over the applications that the highschoolers turn in, get needed information to the President so he/she can present it at the ceremony. 

Membership -This committee handles the PTA membership drive at the beginning of the year. We are striving for 100% membership!

Mini-Grants - Process reimbursement requests from the teachers and get the right forms to the Treasurer.

Staff Liaison

Volunteer Coordinator



Staff Appreciation - Organize a fun filled week for the staff. Ideas: lunch, car wash, coffee, or use your imagination.




Move-A-Thon - Planning starts early Spring. Get sponsors, print shirts, send out flyers, get a DJ and entertainment.

Box Tops for Education - Organize and count all Box tops and soup labels, turn into companies and work with playground staff to order equipment needed. 
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Spring Fundraiser - Find a company, send out flyers, hold an assembly to get the kids excited, process orders, hand out orders.

Spirit Sales - Organize a vendor, pick out product and design, send out order forms. Deliver orders to classrooms.

Fall Fundraiser - Find a company, send out flyers, hold an assembly to get the kids excited, process orders, hand out orders.


Carnival - Organize and plan carnival, get vendors, plan games, send out flyers, work with volunteers to set up event.

Art Docent - Keep art supplies organized, recruit art docents for each class and help docents with resources.

Ceramics - We have a kiln, clay, glaze, books and tools for making ceramics. From pinch pots to tiles and coil figures to native masks and so much more! Let’s embrace this opportunity to teach our children art concepts and creative connections to learning, and create school-age mementos to cherish forever!

Outdoor Classroom & Garden - Develop Garden site plan and curriculum for the classrooms. 

Book Fair - Attend Book Fair workshop, send out flyers, recruit volunteers, organize schedule, hold teacher preview, set-up, take-down, process daily deposits.

Arts Education Week & Art Fair/Silent Auction - Plan the event, get art work from each class, send out flyers, plan fun projects for the Art Fair.

Reflections Art Program - Send out paperwork/rules, get three judges for judging the art work, plan awards, make sure art work is ready for Council, get the art to Council for next round of judging, and go to award ceremony to support the kids.

Dance Party - Plan the night, get a DJ, get pizza and refreshments. 

Science Week and Science Fair - Recruit and schedule celebrity scientists to visit classrooms, coordinate science enrichment assemblies with teachers, line up Science Fair demonstrators, organize and purchase supplies for Science Fair experiments.

Yearbook - Work with Year Book production company, collect orders & money, keep track of orders by teacher (initial meeting with year book company is in Fall).

School Event

Hearing and Vision Screening

Class Photos


School Supplies Distribution - Assist with distributing school supplies to the classrooms prior to beginning of school year.

Emergency Preparedness - Update and manage all First Aid Backpacks that teachers have in their classrooms. Replenish any battery's, flashlights, First Aid Kits, water, and snacks.

Website - Keep the web site up to date. Adding photos from events, update forms as they change, and update current events.

Email Communications - Email important information to all PTA members. Check will all chairs for content.

Legislative Chair